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National Family Court Watch Receives Record Private Donation

Milford, MI, November 10, 2021:

In recognition of Family Court Awareness Month, the National Family Court Watch Project is proud to announce a generous donation from Dr. Blue Maas, a longtime supporter of NFCWP. The donation will support NFCWP’s mission of impartial assessment of the effectiveness of family courts.

Dr. Maas’ donation is a commitment to her understanding that NFCWP uniquely exposes issues within the family court system. These funds will be used in ongoing efforts to study demonstrable deficiencies in the Family Court system, with the ultimate goal of improving the often shrouded system, to ensure the protection of children.

The National Family Court Watch Project has collected detailed data on over 600 Family Court proceedings across the nation. Analysis of this data has led to the groundbreaking publication of “Eyes on the Family Court:  Creating an Effective Data Collection Instrument,” quantifying shortcomings within those legal proceedings. In addition, the organization continues to grow through partnerships with universities, volunteers, and members of the judicial system.

The National Family Court Watch Project is dedicated to providing an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of family courts in dealing with custody, visitation, support, and property issues. This project focuses on how well child protection and family violence concerns are resolved. 

To join Dr. Maas in supporting the NFCWP, to volunteer, or to learn more, please go to our website:

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