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Become part of the most extensive attempt to monitor family court proceedings to date. Join other volunteers using a single instrument in multiple states to collect data on the family court environment. Our goal is to use this data to improve the family court system, increase accountability, and protect our children and families from violence.

Use our program for your classroom or internship.

This project has been successfully used as a classroom project and is viewed with extreme interest by students and professors alike.

If you are interested in using our program for your classroom or intern/extern program, please contact us. Interns/Externs must be eligible to receive academic credit from their institutions.

Learn The Different Ways You Can Help NFCWP.

Give the gift of your time, talent, and desire to improve the judicial system by taking part in a growing court monitoring project collecting data for research. Help to ensure that the family courts effectively protect families, victims of violence, especially children.

We need volunteers interested in: Court Monitoring, Social Media, Graphic design, Blogging, Fundraising, and Volunteer Management.
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