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National Family Court Watch Project - Renee Beeker


National Family Court Watch Project
510 Highland Avenue
PMB #414
Milford, MI 48381
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Volunteer Application 

NFCWP welcomes your support!

Right now, we're looking for volunteers for the following:

Court Monitor Volunteer:
Monitor family court to report significant data so that the information can be used to track individual cases as well as important trends. NFCWP staff may use this information to communicate and/or disseminate it in NFCWP newsletters and/or to those with the authority to change policies and procedures within the justice system.

1. An interest in family law issues, community activism, human rights, child protection, and the civil justice system.


  1. Attend training and orientation.

  2. Follow NFCWP court monitor guidelines while in the courthouse.

  3. Attend family court proceedings assigned by staff. 

  4. Complete all monitoring forms and debrief with NFCWP staff about proceedings and experience in court.

  5. Demonstrate sensitivity to bias and family violence issues.

Unpaid. Helping to ensure the proper treatment of families involved with the justice system and helping improve the justice system's response to family court cases; meeting people who share your ideas and values. 

Please click here to complete the Volunteer Application Form

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Social Networker:
Are you on facebook all the time? Do you love to tweet and twitter? If so, please get in touch to join our team! 

Bloggers and Writers:
Whether you write your own, or just like to comment on blogs or discussion boards - we want you to join our team and make comments that will educate and correct misinformation. 

News Combers:
Let us know about news articles, press releases, conference announcements and other information that we should post to the NFCWP website to keep people informed. 

Graphic Designers:
Help us keep our new website looking fresh and interesting by providing graphic art for articles that we post. 

Fundraiser / Grant Writer
There is always a need to raise funds to continue the work this project does. If you have talent for fundraising an or are experienced grant writer please join our team.

Please click here to complete the Volunteer Application Form

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