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National Family Court Watch Project - Renee Beeker


National Family Court Watch Project
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NFCWP In the News 

We'd like to welcome our newest board member Denise Belcher

Family Courts Come Under Volunteers' Watch

A family court activist in Michigan is training volunteers to observe family courts. The goal is to reform a system that many women who lose custody consider unjust. Latest story in our "Dangerous Trends, Innovative Responses" series.

The Illusion of Protection
by Renee Beeker

In my role as an activist and advocate over the last ten years, I have encountered story after story detailing how women are unable to protect themselves or their children in custody cases where abuse is an issue, even if abuse is documented outside the arena of divorce. Read more ->

Custody Cases Put Under Supreme Legal Watch

Legal advocates for battered women have spent years trying to internally reform the nation's family court system to better protect the due-process rights of battered women in child custody disputes. Read more ->

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